Some Quick Tips for Veterans:

·      Figure out where you want to use your VA education benefits. Compare schools. (

·      Apply directly to the VA to receive your certificate of eligibility as soon as possible. (

·      Then, meet with your School Certifying Official to figure out what their particular school’s process is to get you certified to VA for payment.

·      Find other veterans on your campus but work to integrate into civilian activities too. It takes time to adjust. If it’s not going well, take charge and get help. (

·      If college is not for you or it doesn’t work out, you can still use your benefits in the employment sector by enrolling in an on-the-job-training or apprenticeship program. (

About OVET

The Office of Veterans Education and Training (OVET) works to ensure that every veteran, National Guard member and Reservist in West Virginia is aware of and has full and fair access to high quality, ethically-administered education and training programs that can help them reach their full potential.

The office serves as the State Approving Agency for programs providing education and training to Veterans and their eligible dependents.

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